FAREAST 28R – WC2017Charterboat

For the first FAREAST 28R World Championship, Fareast Boats are happy to introduce two fantastic offers to become an owner of a FAREAST 28R, and participate in the Worlds in Malmö 2017!



You will get your new boat delivered direct to Malmö, Sweden, just in time for the registration for the World Championships. In the price (USD 30.000) shipping is included, but VAT and local tax need to be paid.

FAREAST 28R standard boat    USD 30.000
Local Swedish VAT, 25%             USD 7.500
Local Import tax, handling         USD 670

Total: USD 38.170

 After the Championship, the boat can be exported and VAT may be refunded if applicable!


Want to get a boat now direct and do some spring and summer training before the Worlds?
Than this is your offer! The boat will be delivered direct home to your “country”.
The price is the same, USD 30.000 ex VAT and taxes, but shipping cost will be added.

The discount for the boat is USD 8.000 which will be paid initially as deposit, and be refunded after the Worlds!

FAREAST 28R standard boat    USD 30.000
Local VAT,  import tax, handling and shipping cost  is all depending on destination.

Contact your local dealer to get a quote for this offer.
Still no dealer in your country? Contact Fareast direct, and we will give you an offer! e-mail: regatta@fareastyachts.com 

If you don’t have a reason to be making this thing on paper, then you really won’t be invested in it.

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