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FAREAST 28R 2018 World Championship

The second FAREAST 28R World Championship will take place in Yunnan, China.

The FAREAST 28R International Class Association (FAREAST 28R ICA) has agreed together with Yunhu Sailing Club, Chinese Yachting Association, Yunnan Province Sports Bureau and Yuxi Municipal People’s Government and  Fareast Boats to organize and arrange the FAREAST 28R World Championships in fleet racing in Yunnan, October 8-14, 2018.

Yunnan in the South west of China is fantastic, and the races will take Place in Fuxian Lake.

Only 25 boats are available for charter, and International teams has an favour for first come – first served!

World Championship Sponsors

“This lightweight, high performance yacht is still easy to rig and handle. It’s built on years of experience, by both Fareast and Simonis-Voogd.”

Maarten Voogd

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