2017 FAREAST 28R World Championships

November 22th, 2016 (Shanghai, China) – The first FAREAST 28R World Championships will take place in Malmö, Sweden 2017.

The FAREAST 28R International Class Association (FAREAST 28R ICA) has agreed together with Malmö Segel Sällskap (MSS), Malmö City and Fareast Boats to organize and arrange the first ever FAREAST 28R World Championships in fleet racing in Malmö, August 7-13, 2017.

“The interest around the class is growing rapidly around the world and we are very excited to have the first World Championships for the class.” comments Mats Runström, secretary of the FAREAST 28R Class Association and continues, “This will give the different FAREAST 28R teams around the world a chance to measure up against each other and see who is the best.”

Malmö has experience in hosting major championships, like J/24 and others, as well as several regional regattas. The organizing yacht club, MSS will make sure that the sporting side of the event will live to the highest standard. “Malmö is such a special place for sailors with spectacular and challenging racing waters just outside the harbor.” says Marcus Löfgren, chairman of the MSS race committee. “The combination of racing with the summer life in this beautiful city, makes the experience truly unique, even for non-sailors. It will be great honor for the city and MSS to host the very first World Championship in Fareast 28R”

The location of Malmö, easy for Europeans to tow there boats, good connection to all over the world via Copenhagen airport, the nice summer weather at this time, are all criteria’s that will make this a great event.

The FAREAST 28R Class is an official World Sailing class, and the FAREAST 28R World Championships will be sanctioned from the Swedish Sailing Federation, SSF, as well as the international sailing federation, World Sailing. The event will be a four-day regatta with the full fleet on the start line at each race.

The FAREAST 28R World Championships in Malmö will be held August 7-13th, 2017.

NoR will be published in December 2016, and the registration will open at the same time.

More information:
Mats Runström, Fareast         mats.runstrom@fareastyachts.com              + 4670 7478866
Marcus Löfgren, MSS              marcus.lofgren@comsys.se                             +46 768 870979