Update of the FAREAST 28R Class rule

The first class rule was written during 2015. This class rules was also the same rule that was submitted as FAREAST 28R became an ISAF/WS OD class.

Now its time for the first update. World Sailing are currently working together with Shanghai FarEast Boats and the International FAREAST 28R Class Association to make it happen. Since this is the first version that is being sanctioned and approved, the work is more comprehensive the first time.

We estimate it to be ready during the first half of April.

However, the rule doesn’t consist any major changes, more clarifications and updates of terminology. One change that affects the sail plan is the change of G.4.3 Quarter Width, which will be 2740mm, instead of existing 2670mm.

During the World Championship in Malmö, the first International FAREAST 28R Class Association meeting will be held. The meeting is open for all members (FE28R ICA), and submissions will be accepted. More information about membership, and the annual meeting will be presented on the FAREAST 28R website shortly.

// International FAREAST 28R Class Association